Telerik JustMock

Telerik JustMock
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An easy-to-use mocking tool with unlimited capabilities

JustMock is a new developer productivity tool designed to make it easy to create mock objects. JustMock cuts your development time and helps you create better unit tests without requiring you to change your code. It allows you to perform fast and controlled tests that are independent of external dependencies like databases, web services, or proprietary code. With JustMock, there are also no limits to what you can mock! You can fake non-virtual methods, sealed classes, and static methods and classes. The tool fully supports all .NET languages and platforms with the  exception of Silverlight mocking with profiler, which will be included soon. Best of all, JustMock offers the best value for money in the industry.

Telerik JustMock
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Telerik JustMock
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Telerik JustMock
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