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All versions of Windows can cut, copy and paste information such as text and pictures from one program into another. Windows Clipboard stores your information, be it a picture or a section of text from a word processor, in a temporary storage, enabling you to move that snippet of information from one place to another. The problem, however, is that Windows Clipboard can fit only one snippet at a time. If you need to transfer lots of snippets via Windows Clipboard, you'll copy, switch programs, paste, then go back to the original program and copy the next snippet. This is extremely boring and time-consuming.

Hot Copy Paste is a highly advanced extension of Windows Clipboard. Removing annoying limitations of Windows Clipboard, the clipboard manager allows you to securely copy and paste unlimited amounts of information. The data you cut and copy will not be lost even after you've rebooted your PC!

Hot Copy Paste greatly improves Windows Clipboard, featuring the following enhancements:

  • Storing everything you copy or cut in Windows
    Hot Copy Paste will automatically store information you copy, cut and paste, allowing you to re-use the snippets at any time - even after your PC has been rebooted! The clipboard utility stores everything you can cut or copy, including formatted text, Web pages, pictures, tables and objects, allowing you to access text you copied before.
  • Grouping, Sorting and Searching the snippets
    With thousands of snippets, you'll get lost sooner or later. Hot Copy Paste helps you navigate through the clipboard by offering convenient grouping, sorting and filtering of the snippets. Full-text search is also supported.
  • Favorite snippets
    If you use some pieces of information more often than others, put them into Favorites for easier access. You can even set up Windows hot keys to quickly paste your favorite snippets without opening Hot Copy Paste Clipboard Manager.
  • For your eyes only
    Don't want the others to access your snippets? Hot Copy Paste can protect your snippets with secure BlowFish encryption. Featuring a strong 448-bit key, the protection offered by Hot Copy Paste will prevent anyone without the right password from gaining access to your saved snippets. For added security, you can assign display names for each snippet hiding their content, and exclude certain programs from being logged.

Unlike Windows Clipboard, Hot Copy Paste offers a number of convenience features.

  • Favorites can be conveniently grouped for quick access.
  • Snippets can be edited in the clipboard manager, making Hot Copy Paste a perfect notebook.
  • Drag&Drop support: just drag and drop snippets from Hot Copy Paste into any program.
  • Support of all programs that work with Windows Clipboard.
  • Creative paste: remove all formatting and paste information as plain text, paste HTML code, or paste text as a sequence of key presses if the target program does not support Windows Clipboard.
  • Saves text snippets in plain text, HTML or RTF format, and stores images in a variety of formats.
  • Customizable sounds: set audio notifications when the clipboard is changed or clipboard manager is launched.





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Hot Copy Paste 9.x License with unlimited Upgrades WIN EN ESD 200 - 299
Price:5.44 CHF
Hot Copy Paste 9.x License with unlimited Upgrades WIN EN ESD 50 - 99
Price:10.93 CHF
Hot Copy Paste 9.x License with unlimited Upgrades WIN EN ESD 10 - 49
Price:13.68 CHF
Hot Copy Paste 9.x License with unlimited Upgrades WIN EN ESD 2 - 9
Price:20.08 CHF
Hot Copy Paste 9.x Single User License with unlimited Upgrades WIN EN ESD
Price:27.40 CHF
Hot Copy Paste 9.x License with unlimited Upgrades WIN EN ESD 100 - 199
Price:8.19 CHF
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