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PdfGrabber makes it possible to export from PDF documents into various formats, e.g. PDF to Excel, PDF to RTF/Word, PDF to DXF/CAD, PDF to XML, PDF to PowerPoint, PDF to text or PDF to HTML.

Thus, PdfGrabber allows the editing and further processing of PDF content (text, images, vectors) in other applications, e.g. Microsoft Word®, Microsoft Excel®, Microsoft PowerPoint® or AutoCAD®, without Adobe Acrobat having to be installed.

PDF Im- und Export in verschiedene Formate: Word, Excel, Ascii, CAD, XML, Powerpoint, Bilder

Besides full support of Office 2007 and Windows 7, PdfGrabber also offers the ability to define export content by means of a frame (PdfGrabber Standard version and above). Frames can be dragged over the designated positions in the PDF document by means of a convenient editor. Only the content within these frames is then included in the export.





PdfGrabber Standard