FireDaemon Pro

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FireDaemon Pro
FireDaemon Pro allows you to schedule, configure, install and run your application program executable or script as a Windows Service.

FireDaemon will run any 32-bit or 64-bit applications (EXE or DLL), shortcuts and scripting / interpreted languages including Java, .NET, Perl, Batch (BAT/CMD), Poweshell, Python, Ruby, TCL/TK, PHP as a Windows service for 100% uptime and availability.

Why Install Your Application Program as a Windows Service?

Running your application program executable under FireDaemon is easy and requires no modification to your existing program. Key benefits include:

  • Ability to start and run your application in the background without user intervention.
  • Ability to start your application before you login.
  • Ability to run your application continually across multiple user sessions.
  • Run your application either interactively or non-interactively.
  • Restarts your application in the event of failure, unintentional or malicious shutdown or at scheduled predetermined intervals.
  • Ability to modify your application's priority and bind to specific processors or cores.
  • Execute additional transient programs during the service lifecycle.
  • Control, log and close popups that your application might display.
  • Assists in meeting various government regulations, Acts and standards pertaining to computing systems robustness, security, management, access and control (eg. Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), ITIL).

Key Features

  • Run any application as a Windows service.
  • Edit the properties of any built in Windows service.
  • Simple service configuration via intuitive GUI, CLI or XML all in one product.
  • Simple to integrate into Active Directory and Windows Server Clusters.
  • Comprehensive logging and debugging.
  • Broad service monitoring and failure recovery options.
  • Negligible memory and CPU consumption.
  • Subprocess prioritisation and job grouping.
  • CPU binding on multi-CPU / multi-core systems.
  • Interactive service support and facilitates access access to isolated Session 0 services.
  • Scheduling and auto pop-up closing.
  • Setup custom environment variables.
  • Integrates with standard Service Control Manager Recovery options.
  • Ability to theme FireDaemon with your own icons, graphics and text.
  • Powerful alternative to freeware tools such as srvany.
  • Alternative to the Windows Services applet (services.msc) and integrates with other standard Windows management tools.
  • Support for all recent Microsoft 32-bit and 64-bit Operating Systems (XP, 2003, Vista, 2008, 7).
  • Runs on all virtualized Windows operating systems (eg. VMware, Hyper-V, Virtual PC, Parallels, Xen)
  • Community oriented fanatical technical support.
  • Extensive documentation including FAQs and HOWTOs.



FireDaemon Pro 4.x Single User License WIN EN ESD
48.02 CHF
FireDaemon Pro 4.x License WIN EN ESD 2 - 20
43.22 CHF
FireDaemon Pro 4.x License WIN EN ESD 21 - 50
38.42 CHF
FireDaemon Pro 4.x License WIN EN ESD 51 - 100
33.61 CHF
FireDaemon Pro 4.x License WIN EN ESD 500 - 999
24.01 CHF
FireDaemon Pro 4.x License WIN EN ESD 101 - 499
28.81 CHF