LiquidFiles 5-User License

LiquidFiles 5-User License
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Your Files in Your Control — Secure File Transfer Appliance for companies and organizations. LiquidFiles is the Secure way of sending files.

    LiquidFiles should be Easy to Use for End Users and Administrators alike.
    You shouldn't need to read a manual to perform basic operations like sending and receiving files.
    You shouldn't need to read a manual to perform the basic setup and configuration.
    LiquidFiles is built to be Self Administrating, as far as possible and practical.
    LiquidFiles is Secure out of the box.
    LiquidFiles is Fast and Lightweight.
    LiquidFiles follows general standards and conventions for how things "should" be done.
    LiquidFiles should Integrate Well into your environment.
    LiquidFiles should Delight your Users, Clients and Administrators.

1 Year Subscription
LiquidFiles 5-User License
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