Able2Extract PDF Server

Able2Extract PDF Server

Your Business Benefits

Introducing Investintech’s Able2Extract Server, the first enterprise level PDF document extraction solution to offer PDF extraction from any PDF, whether native or image (scanned), into formatted Excel spreadsheets, editable Word documents and more, through a proprietary server-side process.

Able2Extract Server saves your organization time. Time spent retyping, retrieving and reformatting PDF data is eliminated. Productivity is enhanced.


Unlimited Users, Unlimited Conversions Per Server

Everyone in the organization with access to a server where Able2Extract Server is installed can take full advantage of the benefits. Able2Extract server was designed for multiple users and high volume PDF extraction. There are no limits, per server license, on how many conversions can be achieved throughout the organization.

A Standardized Document Management Framework

Able2Extract server offers a single, centralized solution that offers full administrative control over how PDF documents are converted within the organization. For the IT department, this dramatically simplifies maintenance. The software is deployed once. Product updates are centralized. There is no desktop software to manage. The administrator has full control. Set permissions, document properties and security in accordance with the organization’s document retention policies.

Full Suite of Benefits. One Price Per Server

Able2Extract Server is the first server-based solution to offer PDF extraction. With our solutions, you’ll get unmatched product functionality. There are no extra modules or add-ins to license. What you get is a fully featured product that can be used as much as needed per server for PDF extractions.





License and 1 Year Maintenance

Able2Extract PDF Server License and 1 Year Maintenance WIN EN ESD 1 - 4
4625 CHF

1 Year Maintenance Renewal

Able2Extract PDF Server 1 Year Maintenance Renewal WIN EN ESD 1 - 4
1384.26 CHF