VisualSVN Limited.

VisualSVN is a Visual Studio plug-in that integrates Subversion and TortoiseSVN seamlessly with Visual Studio. VisualSVN virtually eliminates the management of your project source code files within Subversion. Program, design, debug and deploy with VisualSVN as your silent partner that safeguards your source code.

With VisualSVN deployed throughout your development organization, all of your developers will be using Subversion confidently and effectively to manage and safeguard your organization's work product.

Why You Should Use VisualSVN

  • Ease of use: VisualSVN makes Subversion substantially easier to use within Visual Studio than using TortoiseSVN alone with Subversion.
  • Deep integration of Visual Studio projects and solutions with Subversion file management. You don't have to thinkabout Subversion when you work with files and projects in Visual Studio.
  • More stable, simpler and easier to use, and more reliable than available open source alternatives (according to independent reviewers and bloggers).
  • One-stop source control lets you perform all user level Subversion functions — manage project files, checkout, commit, and other operations — within Visual Studio.
  • Compatible with the latest Subversion and TortoiseSVN releases. Continually updated.
  • Inexpensive to purchase, and easy to set up.

Quick and Easy Adoption

  • One-click import of a new solution: the Add Solution to Subversion wizard gets you started quickly and reliably. With one simple step, your solution is placed under Subversion source control.
  • One-click checkout: the Get Solution from Subversion dialog makes checkout quick and painless. Developers instantly get to work on shared projects.
  • Fully TortoiseSVN integrated: all source control functions use the standard TortoiseSVN dialogs. Your knowledge of TortoiseSVN is immediately useful.
  • Fully compatible: VisualSVN contains the most current available Subversion distributions plus the original command line binaries (including svn.exe).
  • Watch the quick Getting Started demo and learn how easy Subversion can be.

Transparent Source Control That “Covers” You At All Times

  • Automatically adds every created item to Subversion.
  • No ignore/exclude patterns to manage: Visual Studio temporary files such as the contents of obj and bin folders are ignored by default when using VisualSVN.
  • Transparently move/rename your files and folders (and the complete history of these changes will be preserved by Subversion).
  • Common file operations are transparently reflected to Subversion: Drag & Drop, Copy & Paste and “Save As” all cause the right thing to happen within version control.
  • “Traffic-light” style Subversion visual status is displayed for every versioned item in the Solution Explorer.
  • Status display is displayed in the status bar at all times with a traffic light style visual indicator, so that you instantly know if files have changed. Avoid “dirty commits” and keep your work grouped logically as you commit your changes.

Unique Features That Enhance Your Productivity

  • Quick Diff marks changes visually within Visual Studio using color coding. You can see the changes in your source file from the repository version at a glance. There is fast navigation available to move to the next changed section. You never have to open a separate “diff” window to see what you have changed. And you don't have to hunt for changes.
  • Quick Revert uses the Quick Diff color coding to allow you to easily restore changes that have been made from the repository version. Just select the changes that are displayed by Quick Diff and perform “Revert Selection”. Quick Revert is fully integrated with the Visual Studio Undo/Redo stack.
  • Track and manage all changes made to your source file by using the unique visual assists that are provided by VisualSVN. You are free to use external applications and you will always see exactly what has changed. Never make a “dirty commit” again.
  • Seamless integration with built-in and third-party refactoring tools such as ReSharper. Source code changes and file operations such as renaming are handled for you and are reflected transparently to Subversion by VisualSVN. Even changes in more complex objects such as forms and ASPX pages are handled transparently by VisualSVN and are accurately reflected to Subversion.
  • Handy VisualSVN toolbar provides clean, direct access to the most important commands and features of Subversion. We even provide a combo box containing the URL of the current Subversion branch, and you can use it to quickly change between branches.





Site License (per physical location)

VisualSVN 7.x Site License (per physical location) WIN EN ESD
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